Varsity Team Pictures From the Past- 1920's
Looking at all of the year books available starting in 1910-11 (a handbook then not a yearbook) two team pctures (1926-27) were found but all the rest of the yearbooks did not have a baseball team picture.  Only football and basketball were shown.  It can be assumed that the timing of the printing and end of the baseball season prevented the team from being included.  Yearbooks were handed out at the conclusion of the school year not the next year as is the practice today.

In the two photos, notice how dapper Head Coach Joe Cocoran looks in his suit!   What do you think Coach Satunas?  Pinstripes? Also noticed that there was only 1 team (no frosh/soph) and, according to the book,  it represented players from feeder schools Taft, Fairmont and "rural schools".  The schedule consisted of 7 games and included opponents Bloom Twp., Blue Island, Coal City, Wilmington, Argo, and Yorkville. Later teams from "Pullman" (was that area of Chicago not a part of the city?), Lemont, Gardner and Harvey.  In case you are wondering, Joliet was not on the schedule until 1946 though we are sure LTHS played them before that.
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