Varsity Team Pictures From the Past- 1930's
1932 1937 1938
1939 1939 Schedule
The 1930's was real scarce when it came to yearbook pictures. There were none in yearbooks 1930 through 1936.  One from 1937 was Coach Ed Flink's inaugural season as Head Coach.  It was a position he would hold until 1953.

One of the things that stood out was the improvement and expansion of the program under Coach Flink; i.e. the number of players participating increased, a lower level was created, and the schedule grew by a few games (to 12!).  It's easy to see how instrumental Coach Flink was in creating the foundation that today's Porters are based.

Oh, by the way, check out the background in the 1939 photo taken at the baseball field on Garfield and Division.  You might wonder where is everything?  It looks like the middle of the prairie!  I believe the picture is taken facing east towards what is now housing on Grandview.