Varsity Team Pictures From the Past- 1940's
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As was stated in the intro to the 1930's section, it is easy to see why Coach Flink was honored by having the playing field named after him.  Under his leadership we see a steady growth in the program in terms of the number of players participating, coaches, and games scheduled almost doubling the previous schedules of the 20's and 30's.  New teams showing up on the schedule were Wheaton, Kankakee, Lewis Tech and "Orland Park".

On a personal note, one can only guess how Coach Flink felt as he saw former players go off to the war.  We understand the deep committment coaches feel towards their players and the bonds they develop.  The war years must have been an emotional one for him mixed with sadness of those who did not return and the joy he felt upon seeing those who did.

Please view our Flink Field page for shots of how our home field looked during the 40's.