Varsity Team Pictures From the Past- 1960's
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Talk about change!  The 60's saw many changes including the end of a tremendously successful era when Coach Kapp-meyer left after 1963.  He would leave to go to Valley View School District when it was created.  Coach Kappmeyer would go on to become a big part of the growth of that district.  Coach Kappmeyer passed away in 2011 in New York.  After "Kapp" left, LTHS had three coaches. Two, Coach Rick Mack (1964) and  Coach Nelson Nedde (1965-68) would not stay very long .  However the third, Clyde Odle, would leave his mark on LTHS baseball for the next two decades.  The program grew under his leadership and helped make it what it is today.  Coach Odle was known to do things "the right way" and winning became a result of that.   He was honored as a member of the Illinois H.S. Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1986.  Coach Odle would remain at the helm through the rest of 60's, 70's, 80's and into the 90's when he retired after the 1990 season after 22 years.