# Coach Position Email
  Brandan Morrone   Head Freshman Coach   bmorrone@lths.org
  Bo Starkey   Asst. Freshman Coach   bstarkey@lths.org
  Pat Flynn   Asst. Freshman Coach   pflynn@lths.org
    Lorenzo Blazekovich   Asst. Freshman Coach  
2017 Porter Freshman Baseball
#   Player Position(s)
9   Andrea, Caleb   P, IF, OF
25   Andretich, George   P, IF, OF
35   Barber, Michael   INF-OF
4   Blazekovich, Tony   P-INF
7   Boone, Kyle   C-INF-OF
44   Collins, Payton   P-INF
1   Dagys, Jake   C-INF-OF
30   DiCristofano, Tim   INF-OF
18   Drake, Devin   P, IF, OF
24   Drew, Connor   P-INF
48   Hernandez, Aaron   P-INF
3   Hoak, Tim   P, IF, OF
16   Hook, Sam   P-OF
45   Janssen, Kyle   P, IF, OF
14   Kampf, Jake   P, IF, OF
10   Kaczmarek, Jake   INF-OF
13   Kundrith, Cody   P-INF
49   Mane, Bryon   P-OF
34   Markham, Brian   C-INF-OF
28   Miedona, Dallas   INF-OF
46   Murray, Zack   INF-OF
27   Onagan, Brandon   INF-OF
42   Sartori, Vince    P-C-INF
20   Studniarz, Jon   INF-OF
6   Toth, Matt   C-INF-OF
15   Vlcek, Nolan   P, IF, OF
17   Voulgaris, Marcos   C-OF
26   Waddell, Ryan   P, IF, OF
23   Wallace, Donny   INF-OF
21   Wattawa, Alec   INF
5   Way, Ryan   INF-OF
2   Zarbock, Logan   INF-OF