Recruiting Guidelines and Important Factors
After looking at various websites, blogs, books/articles on recruiting and numerous conversations with college coaches, there are a some important realities that people need to be aware when starting the recruitment process.  By no means is this information everything you need to know.  Since we have a tradition at Lockport od sending several players on to play baseball at the collegiate level, we felt that providing some guidelines/facts might help the parent and/or parent through the process.

Within the various sources checked, several "commonalities appeared throughout most.  It also became clear that in today's recruiting process, coaches are putting added emphasis on "off the field" and "non-athletic" considerations when deciding whether or not to offer a player a scholarship.  Coaches today are becaoming increasingly cautious in recruiting an athlete.  They only have so many scholarships available to them and each off is considered a "risk".  Therefore coaches work hard to getting a wee-rounded overview of each athlete they recruit to reduce that risk.


  *coaches literally can choose from hundreds or even thousands of available and qualified athletes.
   *individual coaches have only so many scholarships to work with.
   *coaches usually divide available scholarships among several players they recruit.
   *coaches commonly "package" various types of aid to recruits.  In addition to the partial scholarship offered,
   they add available financial and academic aid that the player is eligible.
   *As was stated above, awarding scholarships is a risky venture.  Therefore coaches will choose athletes that   
   minimize the risk (concentrating on the non-qualities of the recruit such as charcter, work ethic, etc.)
   *Not all schools who can offer athletic scholarships do.  (i.e Ivy League colleges don't offer athletic scholar-
   *NCAA Division 1-2, NAIA, and NJCAA (Jr. Colleges) offer scholarships.  Division III schools do not offer ath-
   letic scholarships but recruit athletes using other aid (financial/academic).
   *The number of scholarships available vary depending on the level of the college (click here).
   *Minimum academic requirements are governed by the NCAA and NAIA.  (NCAA Core Class Calculator)
   *Athletes considering college careers need to register with the NCAA and NAIA Clearinghouses.


General Qualities
   *The Role of Character
   *Positional Requirements